Are you interested in becoming vegan?

As a certified vegan life coach and educator, I am here to help you on this journey no matter the reason. I believe that a plant based life is meant for everyone. Wether you have tried being vegan in the past or this is a whole new idea for you, I am ready to get you going in the right direction. Food is my passion.


Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are a great way to grow in your practice. The private sessions can be customized for beginners or advanced, to meet you at your level. My most popular practice is a non traditional hip hop yoga with an emphasis on hips and core strength.

$60 per session ($20 off if you refer a friend!)

*Childcare may be made available at an additional cost.

Vegan Jumpstart

Vegan Jumpstart is a program designed to prepare you for a successful plant based lifestyle. After an initial consultation, a personalized meal plan will be provided along with whatever support you need. Grocery lists, shopping, pantry overhaul, cooking basics, vegan education.

$50 per hour

Cooking Demos

Schedule a vegan cooking class or demo for your small group or class to get you all in the know! Classes are made suitable for any audience from preschool age to adults with cocktails!

$150 minimum


“Anne has made my transition to becoming vegan so easy! She gave me a thorough assessment, listened to my wants and needs and gave me a blueprint to follow. Anne is very knowledgable and enjoys sharing her knowledge and love for wellness with others!”

-TaRese Blair

“Anne helped me get back to a regular practice after I had my second baby. She was motivating and supportive. She made it fun and chose practices that strengthened my hips which was exactly what I needed at the time. She helped me feel better during a time when my back was in a lot of pain! She also taught me how powerful breath work can be. Her enthusiasm for meditation and breathing is truly inspiring.”

-Lauren Garver